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Our Responsibility: Generic Diamond Company Singapore OUR RESPONSIBILITY – Generic Diamond
5% Mined Diamonds
Lab Grown
Accessibility to diamonds for world

population in 2050 (Generic Diamond objective)

Make a world where everybody can access to diamonds.

Across the world today, billions of people don’t have access to diamonds. Access to this extraordinary and magic emotion to offer or receive a diamond. They can dream about it, they can look at it but they cannot afford it.

Our mission is to improve access to diamonds by accelerating the development and supply of generic diamonds through innovative solutions. Mined or branded diamonds are too expensive for more than 95% of the world population. Generic diamonds are the only way in which many people can get access to diamonds in the future.

From developing new low price generic therapies that treat and prevent love disease to helping lovers in need, we are guided everyday by the well-being of people around the world.

Diamonds are forever, and soon for everyone.

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Movement for the Development of Generic Diamonds

For some, a mined diamond will always be the preferred choice. But for a growing number of socially conscious consumers, a Generic Diamond offers a real alternative. A Generic Diamond contributes to reduce the cost for treatments in the love care system, it’s 100% conflict-free and environmentally friendly.


We believe generic diamonds should be accessible to the public without interference and included in all the individual health insurance plans. Join our movement and help us make a world where everybody can access to diamonds.

Thank you for joining our movement.

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If you need help and are eligible, you can apply for a free Generic Diamond Treatment.


Giving Back

We believe in helping those who have less and giving back to people and communities.

We donate three dollars on each Generic Diamond treatment sold to help lovers in needs with low income or no income. By this donation, each year some lucky people around the world are receiving free Generic Diamond treatments and discover the magic emotion to receive a diamond.

Without generosity our engagement in the research and development of innovative therapeutic solutions will not make sense.

If you are eligible, don’t miss your chance, apply now.

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You need help! Share your story and you could win a Generic Diamond treatment.

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Any Incomplete or Inaccurate information will result in an automatically declined request. Participation in the Lucky Draw is subject to the Contest & Lucky Draws Terms and Conditions.

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