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Partners - Generic Diamond Partners – Generic Diamond

Helping you grow your business it
what we are all about

We connect everyday news customers through our online bespoke

jeweler finder, our co-branding programs and marketing tools.

We help you to connect with news customers in your city.

When someone received a Generic Diamond somewhere in the world, something good happening for one of our jewellery partner. He makes a new piece of jewellery.

Receive a Generic Diamond is a unique experience, but this experience cannot be fully appreciated without a memorable bespoke jewellery service.

Generic Diamond is looking for the best jewellery designers, jewellery boutiques or retail chains to join our Certified Professional Network.

If you have the best design and craftsmanship in town, apply here.

It’s free

We help you to stimulate your customers.

We help Certified Partners to stimulate their business through innovative marketing campaigns.

Get everything you need to run and operate your own campaign and turn your clients into new opportunities.

To launch a Generic campaign, apply here.

We help you to increase your bespoke jewellery business.

Each time that a patient is receiving a treatment, he could receive a little gift from you:

A friendly voucher or coupon to get a discount on your bespoke jewellery services. What better invitation to contact your company?

To propose a redemption offer, apply here.

We help you to sell more diamonds.

Sell your loose diamonds are more and more difficult and time consuming…

Get a Generic Diamond Supply License (GDSL) and become a Generic diamond partner.

To start your application process, apply here.

Industrial Development Cooperation for Therapeutic Innovation (IDCTI)

Generic Diamond believes collaborations across the diamond manufacturing ecosystem are key to accelerating the pace of innovation.

We are proud to offer access to our world-class research scientists, our industry leading platform and commercial capabilities. Combining your diamonds with our expertise could hold the key to breakthrough therapies for customers worldwide.

If you are a manufacturer, dealer or brand and looking to partner on a new and unique therapy, technology or idea to contribute to the well-being of people around the world, please contact us.

Generic treatments, a thriving trend and sector.

Join the world’s leading distributor of generic diamond therapies and earn money.

Our Affiliate programme is a great way for you to earn commissions by placing product banners or links on your website to refer users to the generic diamond.com website. You can earn up to 3% every time a user clicks on the banner/link and makes a purchase on our site.

Become affiliate it’s to make money and make together a world where everyone can access to diamonds!

To become a Generic Diamond affiliate,
apply here.