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Generic Diamond: R & D Innovation Lab Grown Diamonds R & D INNOVATION – Generic Diamond

In 2025, the world’s largest and purest diamond will be lab-created.

Scientific advances are extraordinary. Over the past decade, research laboratories and manufacturers around the world have invested huge amount of time and effort in improving quality of lab-grown diamonds. Today some of the most advanced laboratories are able to produce the purest and brightest gem diamonds in the world with the HPHT or CVD technique.

Perfect diamonds are incredibly rare in nature. Tomorrow perfect diamonds in any color and size will be mass produced and available to anyone thanks to science.

Our research area

Lab-grown diamonds have a wide range of industrial applications but we have decided to concentrate our research efforts where the most human issues are, bringing innovative solutions to the community and contributing to a healthier society worldwide.

We are focused on the most powerful human emotion: love and all the pathologies related such as heart pain, migraine, fertility, addiction or vitamin deficiency.

By our commitment to bring the best products to the consumers at low price we are today the worldwide leader in Generic Diamond treatments with Love Painkiller, Love Emergency and Love Vitamin D.

Shaping tomorrow’s generic treatments

It takes a long time to develop a new and efficient generic treatment and we have the responsibility to orient our research programs where the urgent and future needs are.

One of the most critical disease affecting today hundreds million of people is the branded diamonds addiction. A real pandemic especially in emerging countries. For two years our research division has been developing and testing the first generic detoxification treatment for diamond brands addiction.

An innovative therapy which can improve day-to-day lives of millions of people and protect our future generations.

Try the new treatment



At the end of June 2014, our Generic Diamond Pipeline
contains 8 therapeutic projects.

Pain killer Love Painkiller
Emergency love therapy Love Emergency
Vitamin D Love Vitamin D
Detox therapy Love Detox
Anti-allergic 534211B
Anxiety disorder treatment 635221A
Sex booster 788922C
Rejuvenating treatment 231111Z
Relaxant treatment 244222P
Skin treatment 983333M
Hormones booster 0244422Q
Menopause supplements 644221F

Cautionary statement regarding information above: Our treatments in development are classified into three stages: Phase I, Phase II and Phase III. These studies into the safety and efficacy of Generic Diamond products provide data to support applications for approval. The content of our development pipeline will change over the time as new compounds progress from discovery to development and from development to the market. This annual pipeline information was published in September 2014. An update is expected to be available in September 2015. For competitive reasons, all the new projects in development are not disclosed and some project types may not be identified or launched. Brands names appearing only when the product is approved and launch to the market.