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Generic Diamond: Online Treatment Support TREATMENT SUPPORT – Generic Diamond

Short or long-term acting?

Generic Diamond treatments can be administered on a short or long-term acting, depending of the patient’s history and preference.


Short acting (1 to 2 weeks)
or Immediate Release Treatment

  1. Take your single dose diamond with you and visit your jewellery store;
  2. Select a setting and ask to your jeweler to set your diamond on it;
  3. Get your piece of jewellery in just few days.

Need to find a store?


Long acting (4 to 12 weeks)
or Sustained Release Treatment

  1. Take your single dose diamond and imagine a unique piece of jewellery;
  2. Ask a jewellery designer to help you to create your unique design and enjoy this exclusive experience;
  3. Get in few weeks an exclusive one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Need advice or find a designer?


Jewelers and designers are professional advisors who can assist you during your Generic Diamond treatment and share with you similar experiences. This is a unique opportunity to have a private, face-to-face conversation with a professionals and the best way to complete with success your treatment.

Some are Generic Diamond Professionals Certified.

Locate a store or designer

Find a designer or jewellery store who can create and make your unique piece of jewellery.

Need some jewellery design advices?

Choosing a jewellery designer it is like choosing a doctor

In certain ways, choosing a jewellery designer it is like choosing your doctor. You need to be able to trust their experience and their judgment. Be guided by the recommendations of others and your own instinct. The chemistry needs to be right. One most easy way is to look at the diamond jewellery pieces that the designer has already produced. Every jewellery designers has their own signature style. By just looking at the style of a piece of jewellery, you can tell if it is the work of a designer that you might like. Test it.

Local or International celebrity designers

Since you are spending money on a treatment to improve your appearance and thereby raise your wellbeing, sometimes it makes sense for your psychological comfort to spend a little extra and select a celebrity designer. Going for a popular local or international designer with a recognizable name will be on the costly side, but at least you know that you will be getting something with a signature which may go up in value over time. The celebrity of a designer is, in most cases, the expression of its professional activity, but also a manifestation of personal skills, great design and creativity backed by excellent craftsmanship. If the price range is really out of your budget, look for a local talented but lesser known designers and pray that he becomes the future Stephen Webster or Paloma Picasso.

Take your time

Don’t feel pressured to confirm quickly your design. Buying bespoke diamond jewellery isn’t a rush decision and process: it can often take weeks to perfect your design and to make sure the piece is perfect. Celebrity or lesser know designer, do not hesitate to ask to him/her to redo several time your design if you are not 100% happy. Just take your time and enjoy every steps of the creation, it is an important part of the therapy process.

Look other diamond jewellery designs for inspiration

When you are trying to imagine and design your own diamond jewellery it can be easy to get tied up in knots with all the different options and techniques available: silver, gold, rose gold, platinum… bezel, invisible, prong or pave setting… The easiest way is always to start by looking other jewellery for inspiration: visit the website of famous jewelers, read jewellery magazines or visit jewelers, then use your favorite design pieces as inspiration.

Think Timeless and you will be safe

If you are going to invest in a piece of custom made jewellery, it’s because you want to buy something unique and timeless, a diamond jewellery that you love now and will still love in ten years time. If you want to be safe, go for a classic design with a touch of modern style and personal details. For the more adventurous or creative who like flamboyant diamond designs, use this opportunity to really create something unique that really strikes a chord for you and only you. But don’t forget, always think timeless and you will be safe.

Define a budget and try to stick to it

A spending budget is a necessary consideration before purchasing diamond bespoke jewellery. Have an idea of how much you would like to spend and stick to it: you are going to encounter plenty of temptations to spend more money! Is custom work more costly than ready-made jewellery? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If you ask to your designer to create a piece of jewellery similar to one of the most exclusive jewellery brand, the price should be definitively less expensive. For mass produced jewellery brands, the price should be equivalent but in many cases with better quality craftsmanship and materials. It means you end up with a vastly superior diamond jewellery and an unforgettable experience. In any cases, don’t be afraid to discuss and negotiate the price.